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1984 Winston Analyze

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... determine their participation in instructional leadership. The intent is to determine the degree to which instructional leadership exists in their current responsibilities and initiatives.

3.2 Instrument
The survey will take advantage of a revised version of the Sources of Instructional Leadership (SOIL) developed by Newberg and Glatthorn in 1984. This instrument rates school leaders on their performance of instructional leadership and will be the only method used in the survey for determining leadership performance.
Research by Anderson and Nicholson concluded that SOIL is an effective tool to evaluate instructional performance, stating that the instrument is viable and reliable for ...
... twenty percent response rate.

3.7 Data Analysis Procedures
All survey results will be entered into a software package and codified with the same rankings that have been offered by the survey. Next, rankings and percentages as well as mean averages will be the primary statistical tools used to analyze survey results. Additional analytical techniques may be employed as knowledge is gleaned from the initial analysis.


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