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19th Century Art

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... them head-on.
Conventional warfare, as seen in medieval times, simply means a form of warfare conducted by means other than with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, which were all introduced after the 19th century. Medieval conventional warfare basically means warfare without the use of weapons of mass destruction.
As time went on, weapons evolved and so did the method of using them. Until the nineteen hundreds, ...
... s and 1900’s, which made warfare much more complicated.
The overwhelming majority of wars have been conducted using the means of conventional warfare. Biological warfare has not been used since the 19th century and chemical warfare has been used only a few times. Nuclear warfare has only occurred once with the United States bombing Japanese cities to end World War II.
General Sun Tzu’s manual ...
... of sticks and stones, but military leaders today employ the same basic strategies as medieval warriors did years ago.

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