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17th Century Sexuality

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... their loss to mourn. The architecture of Novodevichy was representative of 16th and 17th century culture, an enormous five-domed structure with ornate design. The floor was constructed of cast iron plates (russianet).

During these centuries many other churches and noteworthy religious centers were constructed, though later during the 17th century the face of the Russian Orthodox church would take on much reform. Between 1529-1560 the following were constructed: Dyakovo, Ostrovo and Kolomenscoe (russianet). Also significant during the 16th and 17th centuries, 100+ books were translated into Russian. In 1547 twenty two Russian saints were canonized. All of this ...
... + years (inter, 1997). Romanov was one of the nobles.

Though the Romanov’s succeeded in centralizing power, they did little to assist Russia’s economic endeavors and quest to keep up with modern technologies and movements. Peter the Great stepped into Russian history at the turn of the 17th century however to change this.

During the mid 1600’s, in the midst of the 17th century, a gentleman by the name of Nikon became a church patriarch and set about reforming the church and Russian Orthodoxy (russianet). This caused a great “schism” in the Russian church, with individuals in favor ...

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